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Recently, I was privileged with the chance to attend Edvanced’s program in collaboration with UC Berkeley’s Pre-Med Honor Society. Completion of the program would make the other students and I members of Berkeley’s Pre-Med Junior Honor Society, a great privilege, especially for those of us who are hoping to attend Berkeley.

With the first session, I was immediately captivated by the speaker, Jami Wang. She discussed her experience at Berkeley while discussing tips and tricks to success in college, some vital things I plan to use in the future. Wang was extremely accomplished, even as an undergraduate, through her connections and immense amount of experience within the medical field. Her presentation was able to put medicine under a new light. She discussed her view of medicine and explained why she wanted to be a doctor, empowering us to take the initiative, now, to find out what career path we would like to take and why. Ms. Wang informed us of the lengthy process into being successful as a medical professional. With all the advice she was able to provide, I will surely be better prepared for my future as a college student by taking action now to build up a unique application and network through ways she had suggested.

Ms. Wang is not the only person who works at Edvanced. The other people there provide great service and are extremely kind. They are knowledgeable in their fields of study and attend to their clients as best as possible by trying to make space comfortable and providing refreshments.

I would definitely recommend attending Edvanced, especially their pre-med program, because it provides an in depth analysis of the path to becoming a doctor, Berkeley, and the path to being a successful medical professional.

Sophia G.

I went to Edvanced for a pre-medical program, in which Edvanced partnered with UC Berkeley’s Pre-Med Honor Society. I feel that the program has been especially helpful in focusing on the details of what it really means to be a medical professional- the training someone must go through, how rigorous the preparation process is, and what kind of measures I can take now to help myself in the future. In comparison to other college prep seminars, this is one of the best I’ve attended since it focused solely on medicine, my main area of interest, and gave a comprehensive view of what steps need to be taken in high school and college, rather than just high school alone.

The speaker for the first session, Ms. Jami Wang, was a very engaging, knowledgeable, and experienced individual who did a great job catering to students’ interests and addressing the issues we wanted to hear. I was really impressed by the way she managed to cover so much information about what classes to take, internship/research opportunities, what being a doctor entails, etc. in so much depth, and in a relatively short amount of time. Furthermore, Jami took the initiative to meet with me before the program started, which I felt was extremely helpful, since she properly introduced the program and made me feel more comfortable.

One large aspect of this pre-med program is giving students the opportunity to connect with mentors who can (hopefully) help guide us throughout our high school journey and prepare us with tips not just about the medical field, but also just high school/ college prep in general. I think this concept is very original and will probably be very effective tool for students to utilize. This pre-med program is still very new, but it seems so far to be a great program and I definitely think it has a lot of potential. I’m looking forward to experiencing all the things this program has to offer, and definitely recommend it to anyone who is interested in pursuing a medical career.

Amanda G.

I’ve been a student at Edvanced for two years now. I took SAT review over the summer, math classes, and i’m currently a part of the pre-medical program. Everyone’s like a family and all the teachers genuinely care. Not only have I learned a lot about the subjects I was enrolled in, but the teachers have also equipped me with skills and advice that I could use later on in life. Edvanced has made my high school experience very memorable.

Chloe L.

I’ve only been to this place for the first time when I participated in the Pre-Medical Program and listened to Ms. Jami Wang speak. Honestly, it was one of the best presentations I’ve ever heard and I think I was able to learn a lot. I love how this place is able to teach me so much is just a short amount of time. Informations that could take years to gain was given to me in less than 2 hours and for that, I’m very thankful of this place. I love the learning atmosphere this place has and I’m super excited to come back!

Anna P.

Edvanced Learning Academy has vastly benefitted and supplemented my education.

I am currently enrolled in their tutoring course for AP classes and with the help of the enthusiastic and knowledgeable teaching staff, I am able to say that I fully understand the concepts of the course, and more importantly, I am not struggling in the class at my high school. I also took the summer SAT Prep courses where I met many of the teachers.

The teachers who taught the summer courses had a deep understanding of how the SAT exam works, and could pass this understanding onto us. When I took the SAT exam, I was not nervous or afraid, because Edvanced gave me the confidence and preparedness necessary for the rigor of the SAT exam. Another great aspect of Edvanced is, unlike other tutoring places that I have been to before, I would always dread going to them every week, but at Edvanced Learning Academy, I was able to have fun while learning, and I did not dread coming here.

Lee Sasaki

My name is Tyler Vo. I go to Whitney High School in Cerritos, California. I have been ambitious from a young age, and I know the importance of education. I put it upon myself to get good grades and explore my academic interests. I have been self motivated by the aspirations to pursue a higher education. I found great successes in both my studies and my extracurricular ventures. Nevertheless, if it wasn’t for Edvanced Learning Academy, I would not have found the abundance of opportunity and success as I did.


Going to the number one high school in California means two things. One, the competition is fierce. Two, the classes are tough. I found myself struggling to balance the expectations I put upon myself and my sanity. Edvanced Learning Academy has provided me with a community that understands the pressures of high-achieving students while also offering a place of learning and exploration. The thoughtful teachers and mentorship of Edvanced Learning Academy has allowed me to de-stress as I share with them the latest news about my math test, while also providing mentorship for me to succeed. With the amazing help of Edvanced Learning Academy, I was able to succeed in my academics, maintaining a 3.93 unweighted GPA, while also staying in the top 10% of my class.


Despite my success in my schoolwork, my standardized test score were not at the level of my satisfaction. After taking the ACT multiple times, I consistently got a composite score of 28. Of the four subsections taken, my reading score was the worst. Edvanced Learning Academy equipped me with the necessary tools and support I needed to improve my overall score. Within a short amount of time, I was able to get a composite score of 33. My achievement could not have been done without the detailed strategies, personal one-on-one support, and resources given to me by Edvanced Learning Academy.


Although my academic achievements are notable, Edvanced Learning Academy has fostered an environment that has pushed me to excel in my extracurriculars and helped me to become the leader I am today. Being my school’s student body president, I am able to utilize the skills taught to me by Edvanced Learning Academy. With these leadership skills, I was able to climb the ranks of various other organizations. I am not only the captain and coach of a dragon boating team, I am also the president of my school’s STEM club and treasurer of both Whitney High School’s Vietnamese club and National Honor Society. Aside from the extracurriculars I did at my school, Edvanced Learning Academy has opened my eyes to real-life work. My ambitions and mentorship from Edvanced Learning Academy pushed me to explore my career options as I was able to participate in valuable real-world internships. Of these internships, I was able to work at Boeing Company and work on real satellites, a plastic making factory that paid me for designing plastic molds, and a research program where I was able to work with real data for grant purposes. These valuable experiences has shaped me to become more globally and professionally aware. With the help of Edvanced Learning Academy I was able to explore my interest and apply my leadership skills inside and outside the classroom.


My time at Edvanced Learning Academy has proven to effectively improve my academics and my standardize scores. What defines Edvanced Learning Academy over any other prep academies is its deep personal connections formed between the teachers and the students. As I finish my college application, I know that Edvanced Learning Academy will be with me every step of the way.

Tyler Vo

With a comfortable environment, Edvanced doesn’t hold the levels of dread the other academies do. Teachers are fun, supportive, and care about you. As a student who has frequented the major competitor academies in the area, I can assert with confidence that Edvanced is the best of them, and also the most comprehensive experience out there.


If you’re unsure of which academy to pick of the dizzying array out there, choose one of Edvanced locations, and you won’t regret it. I’ve taken normal classes, AP classes, and summer SAT camps, and have really succeeded in all of them thanks to Edvanced. I also got a ~2300 on my SAT, which points to great instruction!

Annie E.

Edvanced Learning Academy is beyond question a one-stop tutoring academy for all kinds of students in test and grade prep for all high school years. Edvanced boasts knowledgable and friendly instructors, many of whom are heavily experienced in a wide variety of educational subject fields, ranging from SAT math/english test score improvement, help in high school courses, and high school/college prep counseling. I attended Edvanced for several years in high school, and consider many of the instructors and fellow students close friends. Unlike most tutoring centers, the instructors at Edvanced truly demonstrate that they appreciate the students and make every effort to explain difficult material in understandable terms. The instructors are friendly, and relate well to teenagers. I would recommend Edvanced to anyone who may be struggling with the material in high school, or just wants to get ahead with test prep skills. It could be the best decision you’ve ever made!

Stephan H.

As a teacher, Tommy stood out to me as someone who was genuinely committed to helping his students succeed. He is continually innovative, finding educational methods that best suit his students. You will find that almost all other academies follow strict, traditional routines that don’t necessarily engage their students–Tommy is the exception. When working with Tommy, I was always given the impression that he put his role as a teacher as a top priority in his life, and this extra attention truly motivates students to do better.

In addition to Tommy’s passion for teaching, Tommy is also unique in that he personally gets to know each of his students. He continually sends encouraging text messages and emails and offers advice about anything in life. Tommy’s open personality creates a comfortable atmosphere where students can make positive relationships with others. As a part time secretary, I saw how excited students were to attend classes. They diligently worked hard to not disappoint Tommy because of his unwavering faith in his students.

Matthew L.

I have been to many learning academies as I needed much help in my academic endeavors. Most of my experiences had been disappointing as I couldn’t see the results of my growth. When I came across Edvanced, I was skeptical but I gave it a shot. I couldn’t be more happy as I saw improvements in my class grades and tests. I took math 2c here staring with a score of 540. I was able to improve with the help of James to a 750 on the SAT subject exam. I would definitely recommend this Academy. You won’t regret it.

Jason K.