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Pre-Medical Mentorship Program

We are currently launching our first Pre-Medical Program with UC Berkeley’s Pre-Medical Honor Society early November and we would love to extend the invitation to any  students passionate about pursuing a career in medicine and health.

The purpose of our program is to elucidate the path to the medical field in a fun and relatable way. Our speakers are dynamic, engaging, and inspirational. We also provide UC Berkeley college mentors, as we believe mentorship is essential in helping students transition from high school to college.


Our Fall program includes:

  • 11/8 7-9pm seminar with Jami Wang,UC Berkeley Graduate (From High School to Medical School)
  • 11/10 7-8pm seminar with Dr. Andre Pinesett, Stanford Physician (Life after Medical School)
  • 11/12 1-3pm exclusive UC Berkeley social and tour with UC Berkeley’s Pre-Medical Honor Society
  • 1-on-1 Skype mentorship with a UC Berkeley student

After completion of the program, the high school students will be considered official junior members of UC Berkeley’s Pre-Medical Honor Society alongside all benefits of becoming a full member.


Because this is our first program, we are offering full scholarships off an $800 retail price (excluding transportation) to a select amount of students. We will be offering the same program in the Spring, but over a 6-week course with less scholarship opportunities.



Travel and Transportation

The trip to UC Berkeley will be one day long. The program will be from 1-3pm, so transportatoin or flights should be arranged accordingly. Transportation/flights/hotels should be arranged by parents for students. Parents must accompany their children on the trip to UC Berkeley.


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