Letter of Many Thanks (Arigato)
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Letter of Many Thanks (Arigato)

Letter of Many Thanks (Arigato)

“Hi Tommy,

It was so nice to catch up with you on Monday. I really appreciate you for taking the time and having an open-heart conversation. It was such a wonderful feeling!

I can totally understand the bond among you, My Son, and those 3 other boys. And I also feel the same way that we all should appreciate each other for what we had been through, even we didn’t realize at that time this would be such a meaningful experience for all of us.

Ever since My Son was in elementary school, I taught him math myself for some years, but the result always turned out disastrously that we ended up arguing and screaming at each other. When he was in 8th grade, he tried a tutoring center in Cerritos, but it was testing all the time, and the teaching style was extremely intense which My Son struggled all the way. He always cried before going to the classes and begged me not to send him there; the learning experience really dragged our relationship down to the drain – it simply broke my heart, and I was so desperate to seek for help in any other ways, until one day Linda Lin recommended you to us. I was and still am very grateful that My Son found you at the right time – just like I said, I was extremely happy and felt so relieved that My Son was not only willingly to go and learn from you, but he was quite enjoying going as a part of Edvanced family.

I always feel that I never show my appreciation to you like I should, because I can’t imagine what My Son would have turned out to be if he didn’t meet you as a mentor. Due to the struggle and tension between My Son and me, I probably would had been like one of those nagging moms scolding and being negative to My Son, and he wouldn’t turn out to be such a confident and positive young man like today. So, thank you, Tommy!“

This email has been reproduced with permission from the parent, replacing the name of the student with “My Son.” Some of us post pictures of our meals, some of us post selfies, some of us post pictures of our children. I post emails from my clients/friends. These emails remind me that I am someone, my work matters, and I’m lucky to have a job that specializes in changing young, talented, beautiful kids’ lives. I love my Kids and the parents who love them.

Life. Is. Amazing.

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